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technical production teams, sound and lighting, audio visual equipment

Movers & Shakers pride ourselves in having among the most Reliable & Innovative technical production teams in the country for creative technical mastery and technical productions at the highest levels.

Our technical production teams commitment to provide outstanding service, at an affordable price, has ensured our track record remains admirable. The emphasis with all of these factors is on RELIABILITY and TOP QUALITY EQUIPMENT for the sound and lighting and audio visual equipment in your show, event or function.

Whether it be a Gala Dinner, Product Launch or Conference, Movers & Shakers are able to assist with sound and lighting, audio visual equipment, technical equipment and support from 50 to 10000 people. Through our affiliate network we are able to offer a comprehensive, professional range of services for any technical production including:


Depending on your sound and lighting needs we have a huge variety of sound equipment, processors, sound desks, microphones and cables to handle all shows from small conferences to large outdoor events.

High quality & well designed sound and lighting set ups will transform your event into something spectacular. We use DMX intelligent- and generic lighting for all productions including moving head fixtures, scanners, follow spots, LED parcans, DMX floodlights and industrial sized smoke and haze machines

technical production teams, sound and lighting, audio visual equipment

Our audio visual equipment includes data projectors, screens, AV desks, switchers, DVD players and video distribution amplifiers.

We are able to provide the technical audio visual equipment requirements ranging from a data projector & clip-on wireless microphone for relatively small conferences of up to 30 people right through to High Resolution powerful projectors suitable for outdoor stadiums or even Screen Walls.


Our technical production teams provide 3-phase power generators to supply our own events and avoid being left in the dark! No matter what the best quality power will be available for any expensive and sensitive electrical sound or lighting.


We arrange only ISO approved trio and quad trussing for all our overhead rigging. Safety is paramount. All rigging, hoisting and hanging equipment is certified, checked and checked again.


Indoor and outdoor stages are available in a huge variety of colours (black or white), or a variety of shapes, sizes and heights.


experienced corporate DJs


Our technical production teams can match your event and guests to the most experienced corporate DJ's with a huge selection of music for all ages and cultures, but most likely to appeal to your target audience at your event. Karaoke can also be arranged on demand.

Karaoke can also be arranged on demand.


In summary of our service delivery in technical production, sound and lighting, audio visual equipment areas, although all equipment is the latest, highest quality, the most important asset we can boast is the reliability of our technicians and specialists.

Our technical production teams take ownership of the event and become accountable to our commitment to make your event memorable and without a technical glitch. The worst you can expect is your MD forgetting his lines during the awards, but we can't be blamed for that! We are experienced in the industry and renowned for finding the right solutions when curve balls are thrown our way. 

We look forward to sharing your celebrations with you.

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