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Improve your teams performance & inspire your team on to greater heights!
Corporate entertainment events must be fun, be experiential and create a culture & memory within the group.

Movers & Shakers are focused on the initial needs of the company or department when planning your group’s entertaining teambuilding programs.

We coordinate and facilitate entertainment team building activities in the major centers, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, Pretoria & Cape Town and throughout Southern Africa.

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poker face

Playing your hand in business!

Entertainment team building activities based on Poker Game Theory!

These corporate entertainment events improve the morale, camaraderie and performance of any team and give the team an advantageous insight into business interaction by delivering the unexpected and creating new realities through enhanced awareness of the “market environment”...

Poker Face Exciting adventure activities


team building programs

These colourful and fun-filled corporate entertainment events will leave your team with some serious issues that they will need to mull over. These entertaining teambuilding programs can become intricate chess games of strategies, conniving, politics and entrepreneurship allowing for a lot of individualism and creativity as each team determines their own event and decides what and how they want to do things.

These entertaining teambuilding programs allow teams to work with their strengths in order to achieve the best results and is about productivity, initiative and ingenuity as there are many management decisions that need to be made which have a impact on company results...

Corporate Chaos Exciting adventure activities


corporate challenge

The AmaZinga-Zinga challenge race is sure to create an unforgettable, shared experience that is high in impact, fun and adventure and to promote creativity while covering all aspects of teambuilding.

These events are made up of activities such as picking up relevant objects and info, deciphering clues to uncover the route, map reading, lateral thinking challenges and completing tasks.

There are so many diverse aspects of these events that at some point everyone will find themselves in their area of skill. Each AmaZinga-Zinga challenge is unique and custom built for each client.

AmaZinga-Zinga challenge race Exciting adventure activities


Family Entertainment

We have many options for extremely exciting and hilarious activities with the main objective of just getting the team together for a social day, an office Christmas party, incentive reward, family get-together or just an afternoon of office games. We are able to get teams to compete in the most crazy of entertaining teambuilding programs for some cool prizes. Not only are our corporate entertainment events great fun to do and show off your abilities, but they also come with huge spectator value.

These activities are a great opportunity for your team and their families to get to know each other; their cultures, talents and skills and enjoy a rewarding and entertaining day of fun...

Family Fun Day Exciting adventure activities


Ster Kinekor

"The Firewalking was the most amazing thing in the whole world.
It has really made me look at things differently and realise that I can do ANYTHING that I set my mind to.
So a very big THANK YOU."

Leanne - Ster Kinekor

South African Department of Agriculture

"I have been applying the "keep your eye on the Ball" and the focus demonstrated by the "Bird Lady" to my golf.
My handicap has steadily dropped from 18 to 14 and projected 12 since I have been applying this technique."

Attie Swart
National Department of Agriculture

The World Bank Group

"Everyone in the office agrees that you really Shaked and Moved all of us and consider this was the best retreat we had in a long time. I hope you and your team enjoyed Brasilia and I'm certain I'll hear that more and more World Bank teams will be calling on you for their retreats. You really do a fantastic job!"

Cidalia Brocca - World Bank

University of Cape Town

"Since my awesome experience, my mind-set has done an extreme flip.
I want to thank you for inspiring me to free my mind."

Janet Sirmongpong
UCT Faculty of Health Sciences

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