Strategic Planning
Facilitated Strategy Sessions & Conference Programs

Movers & Shakers improve bottom line results by building up the people that form the core of the organisation. These conference programs and facilitated strategy sessions are highly customized according to your needs.

conference programs, facilitated strategy sessions, strategic planning

We can assist in the design of a conference program that addresses this and create an agenda made up of punchy facilitated strategy sessions, interspersed with relevant discussion times and brainstorming. relevant to the program. It is also possible to include the occasional stimulating outdoor activity which would be suitably included and relevant to the conference programs. We will take time to understand your issues, environment, team and situation prior to the conference programs and facilitated strategy sessions based on a preliminary meeting and documentation material which may be supplied by the client.

Facilitation will integrate with your team by encouraging high levels of communication, problem solving, mutual understanding, trust, respect, partnerships, responsibility and accountability. The emphasis in this instance will be on creating a clear and common understanding amongst all delegates relevant to the issues discussed for the next work period. Any other issues which arise at a preliminary BUSINESS STRATEGY FACT-FINDING CONSULTATION can be incorporated into your facilitated strategy sessions agenda.

conference programs, facilitated strategy sessions, strategic planning

Outcomes that can be expected from your facilitated strategy sessions:

  • Development of a vision and mission
  • Insight on organisational strengths and weaknesses and how to use that information to your organisation's advantage
  • Analysing your organisations core competencies
  • Clarity on goals and objectives
  • Ultimately, a strategy for the way forward

A full working policy document can be compiled as an option following the conference programs and facilitated strategy sessions with the assistance of our technical business team. These members can include respected lecturers in Strategic management, chartered accountants and experienced business leaders. Before your Workshop it would be necessary that we allocate specific time with you to ensure that the content is customised to meet your specific needs.

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