Corporate Drumming Sessions | Drumming Teambuilding
Interactive Drum Team Building

Our corporate drumming sessions & drumming teambuilding is still popular as a great filler when you have 60 – 90 minutes free. 
You just can’t do interactive drum team building without smiling!

corporate drumming sessions, interactive drum team building, drumming teambuilding


Percussion leaders and entertainers take the drumming teambuilding group on a rhythmic African journey to find their musical roots.

Each delegate plays their own drum along with the beat. 1 Hour of exhilarating, stress relieving, energetic & very enjoyable corporate drumming sessions.


Gumboot Dancing has been a way of life since early years of South Africa. 

Men & Women working together on the mines used Gum booting as a way of expression and communication in order to create happiness in times of sadness…

An Excellent ice breaker and great way to celebrate in the old fashion way of “song & dance”.

For the fit and not-so-fit.


corporate drumming sessions, interactive drum team building, drumming teambuilding


The rhythm of drumming is experienced around the world through different shaped and sized drums, but the experience is always one that moves through your veins and brings people together in times of celebration.

During “Global Drum Journey” corporate drumming sessions - interactive drum team building, the group will be broken into teams where each team will take on a different nations drums and rhythm:

  • Chinese Taiko Drumming
  • West African Drumming
  • Brazilian Drumming
  • Zulu Dancing / Drumming
  • Gumboot Dancing
  • Australian Ensemble