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Enter the actors!

The mystery, suspense and accusations fly as the plot unfolds around you in these games.

The benefit of these themed dinner parties is that delegates are free to decide the level of their involvement and don’t feel forced into a role playing environment that they’re not comfortable with.

All the action unfolds around the delegates as a troupe of live actors (and some dead ones!) proceed to try to avoid being fingered for a gruesome murder.

The suspects mingle among the tables over dinner and are questioned and accused by delegates who can choose their level of involvement.

Murder and Mystery are the name of the game in these dinner parties!

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mercedes benz

"Just a note of thanks for your excellent facilitation skills during our event.
It definitely added value to my personal and corporate life."

Reamor Moses - Mercedes-Benz

Standard Bank

"I was reminded of a few things I know but need to actively implement, but learnt many new concepts of great value.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would like to complement you on the positive effect you've had on so many people."

Leanne - Standard Bank


"The event was certainly the highlight of the conference.
My entire team is awe-inspired.
Thanks for the professionalism and more importantly uplifting my team. "

Anulka - SASOL

Waltons Stationery

"I have one word for your.... maybe two - ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!
Even I feel new courage to get to where we need to go!
I can't thank you enough and this will definitely re-inspire our team!
Thanks a lot!"

Belinda Ramiah - Waltons Stationery

Dept of trade & industry - SABS

"Thank you very much for your intervention that you carried out in a professional manner. My team enjoyed the experience immensely and we all learnt a lot as a team. I will gladly recommend you guys to anyone because of your professionalism and making the customer feels special and valued."

Disebo - SABS

South African National Department of Agriculture

"It was a pleasure being in your midst. and am very honoured to have been one of the many people you have facilitated. I am putting most of the things i have learnt from the workshop into practice and believe me they are working miraculously."

Noelle - South African National Department of Agriculture

University of Cape Town

"Since my awesome experience, my mind-set has done an extreme flip. No more fear of what man might think about me, or that I might fail. I want to thank you for inspiring me to free my mind."

Janet Sirmongpong - UCT Faculty of Health Sciences


"I became a Coal Walker on Saturday and would like to thank you for an unforgettable experience, something to renew ones outlook on life again."

Mary Cloete - FNB

The Court case during dessert will have the team in hoots of laughter as we try to discover who is the sleuth that has cracked the case.

Death Scenes, over-the-top characters, evidence tables and press reports all culminate in a final court scene where a winning table is chosen.

Our characters are relevant and current, enacted by experienced and professional thespians who are trained to ad-lib, bringing in conversation and aspects of current affairs.

We will even prompt you to provide us with your own company-specific memories which we can enhance for your guests.

The classic murder mystery dinner party includes events based on specific outcomes and fun interactive teambuilding.