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Corporate Upliftment

Movers and Shakers can present motivational activities such as business soft skills activities and the powerful and transformational Firewalk into your company team building event or conference program.

Our motivational activities, team building planning, presentations and team building exercises are excitingly diverse which allows you to include many aspects into your overall corporate upliftment strategy.

We are able to assist you with the technical aspects of your conference or meeting. From sitting down and working on the company's vision and mission statement to carefully planning your corporate upliftment strategy for the next year.

The corporate upliftment strategy and business soft skills sessions and services are intended to get down and dirty around a table with the view to picking apart specific issues relevant to your business. On occasion a team's problems stem from leaders who don't know how to lead. We can come along side your leaders with a totally fresh perspective that can implement ways that will improve the performance of your whole office.

Another trend in business circles is the understanding that the upliftment of the team needs to have a corporate upliftment strategy.


"Once again many thanks for a very informative and upbuilding presentation at our congress recently.
May your "H.O.P.E." live for ever."

Ben & Amanda Kruger - Specsavers


"After conference my wife and I went through our goals and shared it with each other. This was actually the first time after 5 years of marriage of sharing and agreeing on common purposes.
Thanx for planting the seed."

Richard - Waltons


"I want to thank you for the experience gained, both during the seminar, and afterwards as a result of the thought process that you have initiated.
Since attending the course I have discovered my purpose in life."

Joe - ABSA Private Bank


"Those around me actually have noticed a difference in me - but this is a goal which I want to become a natural habit for me. My other goals I am working on and yes, I admit it isn't always easy but I am persevering and I KNOW I WILL achieve them too."

Annamarie Ekron - Waltons

corporate upliftment strategy, company soft skill performance, business soft skills
  • Firstly, what are the issues within your team?
  • What are the objectives of the teamwork activities / motivational activities?
  • Which issues need to be addressed first?
  • How do we prioritize the team building initiatives?
  • What phases can be planned to uplift your team on an ongoing basis so as to reinforce messages and required improvements ?
  • How can these principles and objectives be built on in the future?

Combine all this with the thrill and sense of accomplishment of motivational activities such as a Firewalk, and you will have yourself a team building weekend, Helicopter Adventure or Leadership retreat that will be hard to beat.

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Leadership is similar to team work. You have to remain centered, be mindful, assess a situation, bring people together, come to an agreement, and discover solutions by using the talents of everyone involved.