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Everything rises and falls on leadership

MOVERS & SHAKERS is focussed in working with the corporate sector, building businesses, departments & teams within organisations in all executive leadership coaching, leadership development training and business leader training.

Without fail, if the principles of Leadership are not followed within an organization, company, government, church, club or other organization - it will fall.

MOVERS & SHAKERS pride themselves in the way in which we come alongside business leaders.

Our executive leadership coaching and business leader training assists in helping business leaders to understand and implement some of the principles of leadership that they have not yet mastered.

executive leadership coaching, leadership development training, business leader training, corporate team leadership

Most of all, unlike many leadership development training studies and executive leadership coaching courses, we believe we have one of the most practical and understandable leadership development training programs available.

Many delegates on our leadership development training and business leader training courses have responded with a new understanding of things they had heard time and again but now say “Wow, I never thought of it that way before”.

One business man we know has an interesting philosophy when he hires on a new person to his team.

Essentially his message to the new person is: “I will give you this job for a year, but if you are still doing this job a year from now I’ll take it away from you. If you have taken somebody else under your wing and taught them to do what you do and replaced yourself, I’ll give you another job.”

executive leadership coaching, leadership development training, business leader training, corporate team leadership

Can you imagine the different mentality of people within his organization?

No wonder his team is on the way to the top.

We have found that the fashion is changing. 10 to 15 years ago the big buzzword was “management”. I’m going on a management course, I want to manage people.

That trend changed around 5 to 10 years ago when people started to focus more on Leadership.

The difference here is that management is about maintaining systems, and there is a place for that, but Leadership is about growing people.

More recently, we have found that the trend has changed further, and more and more executive teams are starting to focus on corporate team leadership and executive leadership coaching, where the M.D. realizes that no one person has all the skills necessary to take a large organization on to significance.

executive leadership coaching, leadership development training, business leader training, corporate team leadership

It’s all about getting the right people around you in your inner circle.

So the dynamic that needs attention is:

  • How do these Leaders fit together effectively?
  • Do they really know each other?
  • How to capitalize on their strengths and be aware of their weaknesses?
  • Is there trust and loyalty between them?

Think of some of the most successful leaders you know and you will probably find that they are the ones that most value new knowledge on leadership abilities. They are the ones whose bookshelves are full of books on leadership and autobiographies of great leaders.

Conference presentations, executive leadership coaching, leadership development training, business leader training and modules, as well as ongoing regular focus groups for your leadership team can be designed and custom built.

Leadership is not learned in a day.
It is a process.
It is a process of daily, deliberate action.

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Gathering leaders is like herding cats…
Dr. J Maxwell
Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things Peter Drucker