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Movers & Shakers are a one-stop shop, putting your fun industrial theatre productions & entertaining company team activities together...


Corporate Theatre is where Education and Theatre are blended to create a powerful learning experience in an entertaining and engaging manner.

Entertaining corporate theatre team building is one of the best ways for an organisation to bring about an emotional response from an audience in order to be able to significantly influence their Attitudes or Perceptions.

Movers & Shakers are now able to assist you in getting across your corporate communications through the media of industrial theatre, entertaining corporate theatre and role playing.

The emphasis of our entertaining corporate theatre, corporate theatre team building and industrial theatre productions is on having fun, and having a healthy laugh whilst new leadership insights are served up in a safe and non-threatening manner.


mercedes benz

"Just a note of thanks for your excellent facilitation skills during our team building.
It definitely added value to my personal and corporate life."

Reamor Moses - Mercedes-Benz

Standard Bank

"I was reminded of a few things I know but need to actively implement, but learnt many new concepts of great value.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would like to complement you on the positive effect you've had on so many people."

Leanne - Standard Bank


"The teambuilding was certainly the highlight of the conference.
My entire team is awe-inspired.
Thanks for the professionalism and more importantly uplifting my team. "

Anulka - SASOL

Waltons Stationery

"I have one word for your.... maybe two - ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!
Even I feel new courage to get to where we need to go!
I can't thank you enough and this will definitely re-inspire our team!
Thanks a lot!"

Belinda Ramiah - Waltons Stationery


"I became a Coal Walker on Saturday and would like to thank you for an unforgettable experience, something to renew ones outlook on life again."

Mary Cloete - FNB

Our fun industrial theatre productions are particularly effective in the following areas:

  • Launching of new products
  • Conveying Internal Corporate messages,
    i.e. promoting ethics
  • Change Management, i.e. to introduce new system changes in a positive light
  • Social Responsibility,
    i.e. HIV Aids, discrimination, debt management
  • Corporate road show campaign elements for branches
  • Conference and event presentations

All of our fun industrial theatre productions strive to be as interactive as possible and we can make use all of the show business tricks of pantomime and stage to ensure that you gain the maximum buy-in from your audience.

entertainment activities, fun theatre productions

Our corporate theatre team building and fun industrial theatre productions strive to be as interactive as possible and we like to involve audience members in some way in order to increase the impact on a group by making it as relevant as possible.

When an audience sees “one of their own” up on the stage and participating in a non-threatening and entertaining way, they buy into your corporate theatre team building so much more.

The relevance of our industrial theatre productions,corporate theatre team building and entertaining corporate theatre can also be enhanced by selecting music or soundtracks that your target market will relate to.

Due to the highly customised nature of these topics we will be able to discuss your requirements and present a corporate theatre team building solution that is perfect for your specific needs.

We will be able to professionally manage your corporate theatre team building all the way through the necessary phases of:

entertainment activities, fun theatre productions
entertainment activities, fun theatre productions
  • Conceptualisation
  • Script Writing
  • Actor Auditions & Selection
  • Rehearsals & Direction
  • Costuming & Wardrobe
  • Sound, Music, Microphones and Voice-overs
  • Lighting, Staging
  • Stage sets
  • Props and Material sourcing
  • Dress Rehearsal
  • Final Performances
entertainment activity, theatre production

All of our entertaining corporate theatre and fun industrial theatre productions are managed by a experienced Production Manager who will coordinate everything to ensure you get the entertaining corporate theatre you deserve.

This includes getting all the actors and equipment to each show on time in the right condition for fabulous and entertaining corporate theatre.

Many of our corporate theatre actors are also experienced in facilitating our team building events and so have had a good foundation of experience with which to interact with all kinds of people.

entertainment activity, theatre production

As a starting point, we would like to sit down with you to get a full brief on what it is you hope to achieve with your entertaining corporate theatre and corporate theatre team building.

From there we can go to Conceptualisation which will give us a basic concept on the corporate theatre team building and industrial theatre productions to build.

The Script writing will be the first major element that will need to be allocated some time and effort to get us to the point of a entertaining corporate theatre show.

This will most likely be a working document with changes and enhancements being necessary throughout rehearsals and even the first shows.

Rehearsals are often the time-consuming, but necessary foundation which needs to be laid to ensure the success of your production.

Every entertaining corporate theatre show we create is entirely unique as it is created to suit a clients specific needs and requirements as well as the parameters pertaining to their environment, industry, target market and ultimately their audience.

entertainment activity, theatre production entertainment activity, theatre production
  • To portray some of the reasons and excuses why employees choose to resort to theft & corruption as opposed to more ethical solutions.
  • Show how people involve themselves in self-destructive behaviour patterns, resorting to crime as an easy solution to their problems.
  • Give the audience a very real insight into the consequences of a criminal record or losing their job, and how it can affect the rest of their life, the people around them, including their family, colleagues and friends. We need to impact the audience on a personal, social, professional and spiritual level.
  • To inspire and energise employees to make the right decisions in life, and in their career. We need to empower the staff with a corporate culture that unites all against intimidating criminal behaviour.
  • We need to undermine the power and expose the excuses used by people who feel that they have a right to commit crime, or to be party to corruption & bribery.
  • To make a positive and significant change to the existing “victim-culture” and the “blame-game” within the organisation, changing attitudes by powerful enactment of the company’s core Vision and Values.
  • We need to show the employees of the Organisation clearly the full impact of crime on the company, its profits, their job-security, salary increases and bonuses and the trust levels within the team. Employees need to understand why management is fully committed to eradicating crime with a zero tolerance mindset, and why this good for everyone.
  • Instil a sense of collective pride, unity and good citizenship.