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Soft Skills Workshop

What is it that some people do & understand that take them to the top?
What do other people do that restrict their lives & success?

Anyone who has climbed a corporate ladder or advanced through the ranks of any organisation will testify to the fact that:

“The Higher you climb, the less it becomes about technical skills and the more it becomes about people skills”

In fact, in our experience with leaders at all levels throughout the world we have never had one stand up and deny this fundamental reality.

soft skills workshop, motivation self management skills, soft skills training

SOFT SKILLS are all about the softer things of life.

These are motivation self management skills that involve people and everybody needs but no-one ever seems to teach us. Soft skills training for personal habits or traits such as dependability and conscientiousness can yield significant return on investment for an organization. Soft skills are increasingly sought out by employers in addition to standard qualifications.

With our Movers and Shakers soft skills workshop and soft skills training, we can come alongside your team and bring these Soft Skills to light in such a way as to give people a new and fresh look at the real issues that impact performance, relationships and teamwork to work smart and achieve more.

Best of all, is that these motivation self management skills are not restricted to the office or the workgroup, they benefit people in their everyday lives, at home with their families, relating to their kids, in the sports clubs, churches or places of worship and even in hobby groups.

It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill. Wilbur Wright

Presentation Skills

After all, lets face it - The biggest challenge of leadership is parenthood!!

Areas that are covered in our soft skills workshop & training are: 

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Sales Training
  • Personality Profiling
  • Presentation Skills
  • Listening Skills

In our soft skills workshop, these concepts are brought to the table in a clear, easy, practical and understandable way. At times, the motivation self management skills are almost turned it into a game that can be bandied around the office.

Heavy theory and piles of literature are avoided at all cost. That doesn’t mean that the concepts aren’t contentious. Often, principles of real leadership are the exact opposite of what one would expect. This can stir up lively debate and get people really focussed on internalising the principles.

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