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All corporate motivation events and motivational activities can be custom built to suit your organisation's specific needs. Motivation events and motivational activities from a 1 hour speaking address through to half-day or full day motivation events can be designed.

Many interactive corporate motivation elements can be integral to our inspiring presentations.
If your objective is to improve your teams performance, pat them on the back and inspire them on to greater heights, or to send out a message of expectation, these corporate motivation events and motivational activities can be used to do it.

As employee & company motivators, we have assisted many organisations to grow and improve their bottom line by encouraging individuals to become more balanced in their approach to everyday life.



"Thank you for all your efforts to try and make this world a better place, by helping others to prosper and excel.

Keep an eye on this group - we just caught momentum!"

Nell-Marie - Specsavers

University of Cape Town

"Since my awesome experience, my mind-set has done an extreme flip. No more fear of what man might think about me, or that I might fail. I want to thank you for inspiring me to free my mind."

Janet Sirmongpong - UCT Faculty of Health Sciences

South African Department of Agriculture

"I have been applying the "keep your eye on the Ball" and the focus demonstrated by the "Bird Lady" to my golf. My handicap has steadily dropped from 18 to 14 and projected 12 since I have been applying this technique."

Attie Swart - South African Department of Agriculture

First National Bank

"To all at movers and shakers.
You are the best. We thoroughly enjoyed everything and we can’t thank you enough for putting our event together on such short notice.
I was very impressed with your professionalism."

Elmarie Olivier - First National Bank

employee & company motivators

Focus is important, but it cannot be at the detriment of other essential areas of life. So many people pursue a path that leads them where they don't want to and nobody wins from this situation.

With certainty, comes enthusiasm.

With enthusiasm, a factory for energy is created. ENTHUSIUSIUSIUSIUSIASM is what it takes and you have a lot more leeway than you think before you're "Over the top".

All corporate motivation events and motivational activities, whether physical or mental activities, are fully debriefed in order to anchor the lessons learned and get input from the delegates.

We have found that firewalking motivational activities are the catalyst which invokes people to make BIG DECISIONS about their future.

employee & company motivators
motivation events, motivation teambuilding

These corporate motivation events and motivational activities can have a duration between one and seven hours and can cover topics ranging through:

  • The Laws of Success
  • Making your dream Unstoppable
  • The Good & Bad News about Attitude
  • Waking up to a New Alarm
  • and The Buttsnapper Invention. 

Corporate Motivation is about understanding that different things motivate each person. For some it is material renumeration, for others experience, for some recognition, for others a sense of belonging, and many other things that are as diverse as all our dreams.

As employee & company motivators, the team at Movers & Shakers thrive on coming alongside teams and individuals and exploring ways that attitudes and motivation can be raised up in all with our corporate motivation events and motivational activities.

Motivation always sounds like something that someone else should come in and do to a person. We at Movers & Shakers believe however that the only real way to motivate is to motivate yourself. The challenge however is that we don't always know how.

Another thing we believe important to understand is how to motivate yourself whilst at the same time encouraging those around you to be forward moving with the right attitudes. It is sad that many people can find an attitude that they believe is pushing them forward whilst it is totally grinding on everyone else around them.

In life we have to keep our eye on the ball, but that doesn't help if it is not our ball or it is a ball we don't really want. There has to be a little bit of "what's in it for me?" in your life because if you don't have a dream you won't do anything.

That pay cheque at the end of the month should not be your sole reason for rocking up at the office. Find some significance in what you do. There is always some if you look for it hard enough.

Do leaders know how to identify the motivational activities what will enthuse another person?

If only we knew which button to push with each individual on our team - most of our problems would be solved. If we can work out what dream drives a person we can find an answer to reply to any objections.

In some instances it may mean building a new dream for a team mate, but the only way we can do that is if we really take the time to get to know who they really are.

Corporate Upliftment

corporate upliftment strategy

Movers and Shakers assist you with the technical aspects of your conference or meeting from sitting down and working on the company's vision and mission statement to carefully planning your corporate upliftment strategy for the next year.

The corporate motivation sessions and services are intended to get down and dirty around a table with the view to picking apart specific issues relevant to your business. We can come along side your leaders with a totally fresh perspective that can implement ways that will improve the performance of your whole office.

Movers and Shakers can incorporate business soft skills activities and the powerful and transformational Firewalk into your corporate motivation events, motivational activities or conference program...

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Wildlife Presentations

wildlife presentations, entertaining animal presentations

Movers & Shakers wildlife presentations are fun, experiential & have legs!

Our adaptations and behaviour are influenced by the same natural forces as all other living creatures. Although we have alienated ourselves from nature, this does not change the forces that influence our own behaviour. To make long term changes for wildlife and our environment, every individual must take personal responsibility for their actions.

The Movers & Shakers animal presentations are motivation events involving wild animals are a feast for the senses and aim to bring essential life skills concepts to life, presenting them from a different angle creating an experience that becomes memorable because of the visual elements that occurred...

More entertaining wildlife motivation events

Fire Walking

transformational fire walking

Movers & Shakers present the most powerful and transformational fire walking event in addition to your corporate motivation events, motivational activities or conference programs. Explode your comfort zone to take on what you believed was impossible since before you could even talk.

This transformational fire walking event will improve your attitude and you will have a higher expectation of what is possible in your life, not only making a huge and lasting impression on the individual, but it has an awesome bonding result for the team, a feeling of togetherness and assimilation.

Individuals experience a huge mind-shift when they realise that they can make fear their servant rather than their master...

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