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Movers & Shakers

As we have over 15 years experience as teambuilding event planners, no-one is more passionate about raising up people and leaders in South Africa and all around the world.

We are >team development specialists and teambuilding event planners based in Gauteng, South Africa, we have worked extensively all around South Africa as well as internationally in Brazil, Washington DC, Phuket, Mauritius, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia.

Hundreds of thousands of fired-up people have grown through our events, conference programs and educational sessions whilst having some serious fun at the same time.

Movers & Shakers, the team building specialist, are corporate motivators focussed in working with the corporate sector and on building businesses, departments and teams within organisations.

Movers & Shakers are team development specialists better known in the industry for our INTELLIGENT TEAMBUILDING our expertise has grown in addressing teams with small as well as serious issues in a diplomatic and non-threatening manner.


mercedes benz

"Just a note of thanks for your excellent facilitation skills during our teambuilding.

It definitely added value to my personal and corporate life."

Reamor Moses - Mercedes-Benz


"The teambuilding was certainly the highlight of the conference.
My entire team is awe-inspired.

Thanks for the professionalism and more importantly uplifting my team"

Anulka - SASOL


"Thank you for all your efforts to try and make this world a better place, by helping other to prosper and excel.

Keep an eye on this group - we just caught momentum!"

Nell-Marie - Specsavers


"Once again thanking YOU and the TEAM for the wonderful support and never to be forgotten activities afforded to us over the weekend."

Faye - ABSA Private Bank


"Things have been so hectic at the office since the conference!

This was the best conference yet!!

The feed back has been really good and now I know how powerful the mind is!!!"

Heather - Kolok

Our philosophies are top of mind when it comes to interacting with any team.

  • To have lots of Fun with everything we do!
  • To learn something from everything we do.
  • To give it legs - Learning must be retained long term.

As South Africa's team building specialist and premier team builders, we have had nothing but success with our teambuilding activities in turning around teams and guiding them to find which direction they should be facing together.

Head facilitator, Paul Johnson is a graduate from Wits University with a B. Com. marketing as well as a 3-year IMM marketing Diploma.

Prior to his successes in Corporate Training, he has worked with dynamic multi-national companies. He has also had extended experience in the I.T. hardware industry with major big brand multinationals like Apple Computers, Lexmark printers & Camel Cigarettes.

Paul has had intimate involvement with the Formula 1 racing world, working shoulder to shoulder with great names like Michael Shumacher, amongst others.

Paul was also an integral player in the setting up of the Camel trophy 4x4 competition in South Africa. More recently, Paul has been involved in various levels of leadership training, teambuilding, coaching and development.

His passion and focus lies in the area of leadership development and he is dedicated to raising up leaders. Whilst travelling the world, he has become an accomplished shark diver, skydiver and horseman.

Likewise, all of our team building specialist event facilitators and specialists are carefully selected to be able to relate easily to people and empathise with where delegates may be coming from.

Our team are selected to be professional and yet friendly at all times.

Although our event portfolio of MOVERS & SHAKERS is expansive and yet unique, our team builders pride themselves in always having a light hearted, non-clichéd approach. Even our Moti-Activation sessions are down to earth and practical.

One of the topics is entitled “I don’t trust Motivational Speakers” and guides delegates as to how best to motivate themselves.

Nevertheless, our team building specialist team pride themselves in being flexible and customisable in our approach and our teambuilding event planners and team development specialists are regularly designing new activities to meet a specific client’s needs.

Many of our team building specialist in-house designs have proved to be cutting edge in the market and currently in the process of being patented.

As corporate motivators and team builders with over 15 years of dynamic corporate events, Movers & Shakers have gained experience in:

  • Relating to teams at all different levels from Directors to factory floor labourers and often work with delegate groups which are a diverse mixture across the board.
  • Taking people out of comfort zones they never thought they were capable of leaving. If it isn’t a challenge, there won’t be a victory!
  • Getting delegates shoulder-to-shoulder with their colleagues, having a laugh and being human.
  • Knocking out the office politics by allowing them to see others as not so different from themselves and diverse enough to add a strength to the team.
  • Giving people the unexpected so that they will remember experiences in the long term.
  • Identifying objects of team growth and improvement and covering these effectively on the event.

What is it that some people do and understand that take them to the top, and what do other people do that restrict their lives and success? More importantly, we need to ask: What can we do to change and become more like the Movers & Shakers we see around us?

Movers & Shakers, teambuilding event planners and team development specialists, improve bottom line results by building up the people that form the core of the organisation.

What do our clients say!

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The team at Movers & Shakers thrive on coming alongside teams and individuals and exploring ways that attitudes and motivation can be raised up in all with our motivational activities.

We at Movers & Shakers believe however that the only real way to motivate is to motivate yourself.

Do leaders know how to identify the motivational activities what will enthuse another person?

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Outdoor and indoor programs

Help optimize the productivity, effectiveness and happiness of your team!

Today, many events serve merely to allow people to let off some steam (for which there is sometimes a need), but there is usually no lasting benefit and no real effort has been taken by any facilitators to focus anyone's mind on the "team" and how they are operating, performing or interacting at the workplace.

We stick to our promise...
"Everything we do is fun, but everything we do you can learn something from".

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Corporate entertainment events

Corporate entertainment

Improve your teams performance & inspire your team on to greater heights!

Corporate entertainment events and entertaining teambuilding programs must be fun, be experiential and create a culture & memory within the group.

Movers & Shakers are focused on the initial needs of the company or department when planning your group’s corporate entertainment events.

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business activities

Our business teambuilding events are designed to provide a structured and organised approach to having some fun & playing hard.

All of the agendas of our business activities are results-orientated to take your team to the next level in your corporate environment! Movers & Shakers are inspired by people who have an impact & influence on others. Our business activities have been designed by looking at go-getters in a range of arenas, from military operations to business thinking entrepreneurs & even the machine-like efficacy of the chefs in a top restaurant.

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